JM Pump & Supply stands as the premier destination for comprehensive industrial pump supply solutions, and is a full service industrial pump supply shop, located in North Central Wyoming. We specialize in sales and service of various makes and models of pumps and valves including Graco and Kimray. Our product lines cover a wide spectrum of options, from Pneumatic Circulation Pumps, to Solar Powered Injection Pumps.

We service everything we sell, and even things we don’t. Every pump we rebuild is measured for tolerance wear and rebuilt with manufacturer OEM parts. Once a pump is rebuilt, it is tested at the upper end of its capabilities to ensure it performs flawlessly once installed in the field. Our state of the art testing facility along with our highly trained technicians ensures our customers are provided with a reliable pump every time.

As an esteemed industrial pump supplier, we excel in delivering top-notch sales and service catering to a diverse array of pumps and valves. Our extensive product range encompasses a myriad of options, spanning from Pneumatic Circulation Pumps to cutting-edge Solar Powered Injection Pumps, ensuring that we meet the varied needs of our clientele. We also offer:

  • Pickup and Delivery
  • Pump Exchange Program
  • Training on Installation and Maintenance
  • 24 Hour Phone Support

Plus, we prioritize meeting the unique requirements of our customers. If you seek a product not currently within our offering or find yourself navigating uncertain specifications such as flow or environmental constraints, we encourage you to reach out to us. Leveraging our extensive resources and expertise, we are committed to conducting thorough research to identify products that align with your parameters, all while ensuring competitive, fair pricing for your company.

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